Meet Ann


Ann brancato A Healthcare Professional and Community Leader

Ann has been a resident of Long Island's South Shore for more than forty years. As a single mother, she raised three children while building an impressive career, which included leadership roles as a healthcare and human services professional, private business owner, educator, and community leader.

Ann brings a genuine passion for and interest in making a difference in a multitude of settings. She hopes to be able to leverage her vast experience to help her own community. 

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She brings to public service her skills and experience in:

Program Development


  • Ann worked with the AFL-CIO and private corporations to market a groundbreaking Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help union and non-union workers manage mental and addictive behaviors.


  • Following the Chernobyl disaster, Ann worked with the U.S. Departments of State and Defense and international relief agencies. She assisted with the funding of a groundbreaking telemedicine program to be used nationally and internationally.


  • Throughout her entire career, Ann not only designed and established vital programs but obtained money to cover their costs. She utilized her abilities as a fundraiser and negotiator to raise millions of dollars to pay for the programs she created and found clinical revenue to sustain these programs over the years.


Care for Senior Citizens


  • Ann was appointed to a White House Blue Ribbon Study Commission on Alcoholism and the Elderly and served as the Chair of the NYC's Commission on the Elderly and Alcoholism.


  • Ann developed and implemented a homecare delivery system for homebound seniors that was written into the U. S. Congressional Record.


Early Childhood Intervention


  • Ann designed and implemented a school-based health/social service program for early detection of children at risk for disabilities and the re-evaluation of children in special education.


  • In her position at the American Health Foundation, Ann assisted in collaborations with the Kellogg Corporation to launch a nutritional outreach campaign.


  • While serving as the V.P. of External Affairs and Strategic Planning at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Ann developed a comprehensive rehabilitation program for head and neck cancer patients and created an early intervention program for children to help prevent hearing loss.


Local Economic Development


  • In response to a loss of defense contracts on Long Island, Ann established a consortium comprised of the LI Development Counsel, the LI Forum on Technology [LIFT], and private industry to adapt defense technology for necessary wheelchair innovation and production.


  • Ann spent the last 20 years of her career as the president and founder of her executive search/employment consulting firm, Ann Brancato & Associates.