Health Care

Now more than ever, it is critical that Long Islanders have access to quality, affordable health insurance. As a health care executive in hospitals and health and human service agencies for over four decades, Ann will utilize that wealth of knowledge to help your community.

Ann will fight for a more inclusive and cost-effective health care system to ensure that Long Islanders access to healthcare.

She will demand that medical insurance companies provide mental health services for healthcare personnel who have cared for patients in very stressful situations and the community-at-large afflicted physically, mentally, and economically by COVID-19.

Ann knows that we must be proactive rather than reactive. The COVID-19 pandemic blindsided us, and many thousands of lives were lost as a result. She will support the advancement of healthcare/medical innovations and research to get to the root causes of new and emerging diseases.

Please be sure to check back in for more on this issue as the campaign moves forward!