Women’s Rights

We all know that the battle for gender equality at the national, state, and local levels is far from over. All of us must come together and create a more equitable world for everyone, eliminating gender bias in the workplace, healthcare, medical bias, and in the many aspects of daily life.

Ann spent 20 years at her executive search/employment firm striving for equal opportunities for women and supporting the re-entry of women into the workplace. She is committed to continuing this fight in Albany. She supports the adoption of the New York State Equal Rights Amendment, which bars discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, or expression. Ann will fight to close the pay gap to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work. At this time, job creation is important to ALL New Yorkers. Employers should be aware of the need to include qualified women in their hiring.

Ann’s experience in health and human services has made her a staunch advocate for universal access to healthcare, advancing medical research to accommodate the female body, and supporting the delivery of health services geared more toward women. She strongly believes in empowering and educating all women regarding the following conditions: heart disease, which causes deaths in one in every four women; breast, ovarian and cervical cancers; autoimmune diseases which affect approximately 8% of the population, 78% of whom are women; anxiety and depression, which affects about 7% of the population at some time in their life, with approximately 70% of those diagnosed with depression being women.

Additionally, Ann will protect women’s reproductive rights and work to guarantee that women have access to the services they need during pregnancy. She supports Planned Parenthood and the services it provides regardless of economic circumstances. Ann endorses the work New York State did in passing the 2019 Reproductive Health Act. She will continue as she had throughout her career to fight for increases in services and research for women’s health and mental health issues.

We can win the long battle for equality, and Ann will be leading the charge to make it happen.