The New York State Constitution guarantees the right to public education. Ann Brancato is not only committed to upholding and protecting this right, but to doing all she can to make sure every student can receive a quality education. A former educator and a mother to three children who attended public school, Ann understands the substantial positive impact that a quality public education can have on a student. That is why she will fight to bring additional funding into our public schools to ensure they have the resources they need.

With property taxes as high as they are on Long Island, Ann will search for alternative ways to increase funding for public schools without raising the taxes of middle-class people. She supports an increase in taxes on the very wealthiest members of society, billionaires and ultra-millionaires (anyone worth $50 million or more), to secure needed funding. This funding will ensure that New York State public schools have the money they need to provide students of all backgrounds a quality education without increasing taxes on an already struggling middle class in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a former adjunct professor at Fordham University and administrator at Bronx Community College, Ann is devoted to protecting our teachers. A good teacher can forever change the life of a child for the better, so we need to make sure they have the tools that they need to do so. Ann will protect their right to organize and fight to guarantee them the benefits they’ve earned, like protection through tenure and their pensions.

For students, there is more to be done so that all have the opportunity to pursue the life they want. Ann supports additional funding for BOCES and other vocational programs for students who would rather work in a certain trade than attend college. She also advocates for the creation of a school for the gifted and a school for the arts here on Long Island. Students who are gifted or talented in the arts should be afforded the opportunity to attend a school that best suits them without having to leave Nassau and Suffolk.

We live in a country that is supposed to guarantee equality of opportunity for all of its people. That starts with education. As the next assemblywoman for New York’s 9th district, Ann will do all she can to support and improve schools so that all students are given the opportunity to succeed.