Constituent Services

The primary responsibility of an elected official is to serve and assist the constituents of their districts. Unlike other government representatives who sometimes act for their personal interests rather than those of their constituents, Ann has vowed always to put the interests of the more than 120,000 residents of Assembly District 9 above her own. Ann’s actions will not only reflect this commitment in Albany, but she will also be continually accessible to those living in the south shore of Long Island. She will accomplish this by being personally available as much as possible and by establishing an effective and responsive Constituent Service Team in her District.

Unlike the offices of some legislators, whose constituent service representatives are passive and less than effective, Ann has made this important service element an essential component of her responsibilities. She is committed to establishing and maintaining a robust constituent service team that will provide answers to inquiries on a wide variety of concerns, connect constituents to people and resources to resolve their issues and problems, and keep the District regularly informed about activities and legislation in Albany. Ann is committed to providing all residents in her district with active services and assistance.