Animal Rights

As a proud doggie-mother to her rescued Lhasa Apso named Bradley, Ann Brancato is a fierce advocate for animal rights and welfare. If elected, Ann has committed to appointing a member of her staff to be solely dedicated to animal rights issues. In the NYS Assembly, she will prioritize bills and policies that address the humane treatment of animals as part of her central policy platform. This includes supporting legislative action such as:

  • Closing existing puppy mills and the puppy mill loophole.
  • Strict criminal penalties for animal cruelty.
  • Protecting endangered species.
  • Compassionate and humane conditions for farm animals.
  • Provisions for old and sport animals, such as racehorses, greyhounds, and carriage horses under challenging conditions in NY.
  • An affordable NYS medical insurance plan that enables people to purchase the premiums and provide adequate medical care for their companion animals.
  • Tax deductions for veterinarian expenses as it is for human medical expenses.
  • Closing of inhumane slaughterhouses. Animals should be raised in areas where they are cage-free, safe, and are in a clean environment with limited germicides. Stop all factory farming.
  • Increasing the number of wildlife preserves. These preserves should be designed and maintained in a way that is in the best interest of the animals and the environment.
  • Programs to increase the number of community wildlife volunteers.
  • Ban wildlife killing contests in New York State, where the team that kills the most (or the heaviest) animals win. This practice is inhumane and should be banned and criminalized.
  • Closing of fur farms.
  • Encourage legislation and trade bans with countries that have no regard for animal rights.

Ann is a firm believer that animals do not exist for the use and abuse of humans, but rather that they deserve to live in happy, healthy conditions and to be loved. Ann Brancato vows to support any legislation that protects and furthers the rights of animals in New York State.